The Muse’s Rating System


I put a rating at the end of every review for a quick, concrete opinion, but don’t take them too seriously. Take the time to read the review and see why I gave any specific number rating.

10 – will forever be hardcore fangirling over this book, this author, this series, worthy of life-long rereads

9 – so crazy good that if the plot, characters, and world were real I would just run away and join them

8 – loved it: would definitely recommend, solid characters, writing, plot; might reread in a couple years

7 – good: would recommend, above average, has some problems but I can deal

6 – okay..but it could be better: would recommend with qualifiers; inconsistencies that raise my eyebrow

5 – eh: choppy plot and character development, but the story has some interesting parts and redeeming characters

4 – *reads first chapter, flips to later parts of the book to see if it gets better*

3 – DNF (did not finish) because I lost interest; around the time I start daydreaming about what’s for lunch

2 – DNF (did not finish) because the writing makes me laugh (and not in a hilarious way) 

1 – DNF (did not finish) because THERE’S NO POINT




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